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Mahakali Pooja Documentary - 2020
Garhwal Almora Border, Uttarakhand, India

About Temple
Kalinka Mandir

The hilltop temple of Maa Kalinka is located in the highest mountain peak on the border between the two districts of Pauri Garhwal and Almora, Uttarakhand in North India. The temple is located close to the border of Almora district and is dedicated to Goddess Kali. The temple has existed for centuries but the new structure has been renovated in the last decade.

Uttarakhand is situated in the lap of remote Himalayas, known as Dev Bhoomi. Here, the worship of various deities is prevalent in different places. One of these Shakti Peetha 'Maa Kalinka Devi' (Maa Kali Mother) is situated in the peak of a high mountain on the border between the two districts of Pauri and Almora. The joy of seeing the Himalayas from this peak is very amazing and thrilling. In front there are tall hills covered with trees, creepers, greenery of plants and behind, a grand view of the temple of Maa Kalinka.
With the blessings of the mother, all the villagers together established the Shaktipeeth Kalinka temple on the peak of Garhwal Kumaon, where every 3 Years a fair is held in the temple of Mother Kalinka on Tuesday and Saturday.
We care has been taken to provide the basic level of hygiene Food Free, and comfort and Space for Stay (DharamShala) you to get the most out of your traveling or Kalinka Mandir (Yatra).
14 village-to-village yatra (excursion) of Nyaja of Mother Kalinka begins with the first worship of Mother Kalinka in Kotha village for about 11 days to 1 month to bless walks along and finally reaches the temple on the day of the fair.
Badyari Descendants
Badyari Descendants
Badiyari descendants are the children of Pujya Lally Buba.
He was an ardent devotee of Kali Maa, All Badiyari descendants in memory of Pujya Lally Buba (Grandfather) in the temple. Garhwal was given to Almora, who is still discharging it eternally.

Mahakali Poojan Documentary

A grand and huge religious ritual where millions of people gather and participate in this holy place and journey of Bhagwati Kali, the mother goddess of immense strength, with deep faith, reverence and faith.....

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Dec - 2019

Maa Kalinka Pujan (Jatoda)
December 14, 2019

Kalinka Jatoda The journey started on 2 December and on 17 December, Mother Kalinka was worshiped, which is also known as Kalinka Jatoda. This year, people have come to see the mother of the snow. On 13th, snowfall started in Uttarakhand due to inclement weather, due to which there is 2 feet of snow. But on 14th, the weather opened and 30 percent people came to see. And there was a very beautiful sight in Maa Kalinka temple. People also enjoyed doing ice and Kalinka Jatoda ended with peace and peace.
Oct - 2019

Daily Pooja Schedules

06 00 A.M. : Pooja (Winter Season)
06:30 A.M. : Arti (Winter Season)
05:30 A.M. : Sound on Bhajan (Winter Season)
08:00 A.M. : Sound off Bhajan (Winter Season)
06 00 P.M. : Pooja - Dhop Agarwati - Shri Surender Ji 
06:15 P.M. : Arti - Shri Surender Ji
06:00 P.M. : Sound On Bhajan - Shri Surender Ji
07:00 P.M. : Sound off Bhajan - Shri Surender Ji, 

if you want join Pooja Please contact to our Volunteer (SevaDar) Shri Surender Ji,

06:00 A.M. : Pooja (Kotha Talla)
06:00 P.M. : Pooja (Kotha Talla)

Note: For playing bhajan, we kept the peoples in mind, School time and Reading our children, Kept high on the basis

Maa Kalinka Yatra

Kalinka Jatoda (जतोड़ा) 2019 (Kalinka Mela)
महापूजन 02 दिसम्बर 2019 से 14 दिसम्बर 2019

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Over the years, regional variations introduced for the building of a particular temple led to the evolution of a new style, Temple, Garden Stone Fountain, Stone Railing, etc.

Living in today’s metropolitan world of cellular phones, mobile computers and other.

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Maha Kali Pooja 2-14 Dec 2019 | A glimpse of Pooja 2019

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Maha Kali Mandir, Nirman Samiti Garhwal Almora

Garhwal and Kumaun Border,
Nearest Taxi Stand - Khali Dahya,

Garhwal address:

Post Office Bandarkot, Patti Khatli, Block Birokhal, District - Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand - 246276, India

Almora Address:

Post Office Kulanteshwar, Almora Uttarakhand - 263661, India

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